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about us



McGregor Construction (Highlands) Ltd is a local company to the Inverness and Fort William areas. Its registered office, company registration No 61518, is situated in Seafield Rd, Longman, Inverness. Whilst operating from headquarters in Inverness we continue to maintain a regional office in Fort William. This has provided us with the logistics and experience to contract in much of the Highlands & Islands geographical area.

The origins of the company were established in Inverness over 100 years ago ( 1877) and in Lochaber some 27 years ago with McGregor Construction (Highlands) Ltd being formed in 1977.





The diverse nature of the Highland economy means that this company's activities are public / private works over the entire spectrum of market sectors.
In the main, traditional competitive tender procedures and negotiated contracts emanating from established clients are undertaken. Design and build and development lead contracts have also contributed to our success. Success is founded on our ability to construct a quality product from a range of activities including industrial units right up to high quality estate lodge type works.


quality and commitment

The company has a developed a sound reputation with clients and clients' representatives in the production of desired quality, completion's and costs of projects. We have always been known for our non-confrontational proactive approach. This is aided by the company having an established core workforce, a very low turnover of professional staff and an established good working relationship with local sub-contractors.



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